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Don't make the mistake of not having a valid will and trust in place. Choose John E. Birk, Attorney at Law to help you with estate planning and estate administration matters. Attorney Birk relies on more than 30 years of experience as an estate attorney to help you create your end-of-life documents. He'll make sure you're satisfied with the finalized estate plan. Attorney Birk will discuss your needs and explain the estate planning and administration process.

Call John E. Birk, Attorney at Law at 812-482-2093 today for an appointment. Attorney Birk provides assistance to residents of Jasper, Evansville, Newburgh and other southern Indiana communities.

Do you have an estate plan in place?

Do you have an estate plan in place?

Attorney Birk will make sure your will and trust designates:

  • Who will care for your children
  • Who will make health care decisions for you if you're incapacitated
  • Who will receive your assets upon your death

Get the help you need from an estate attorney you can trust. Schedule an appointment with John E. Birk, Attorney at Law in Jasper, IN right away.

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